RSS Server (Fever/GReader API)


  • RSS server that conforms to the Fever or Google Reader (unofficial) API; this enables something like Reeder to use it directly.
  • Fetch/proxy regular RSS feeds
  • Mantain a database (in some form) of categorized read-later things and serve those too.
  • The inbox on this site fetches its data from this database.
  • Elixir/Phoenix


  • Set up Phoenix
  • Basic JSON responses
  • Groups/feeds/items show up in Reeder
  • Favicons
  • Unread/saved status
  • Implement the write path
  • Load existing data in
  • Basic deployment
  • Fetch other RSS feeds
  • Hugo fetches the inbox section from this db
  • Admin UI (something simple, maybe via
  • Load html for existing data