Copy Mode

  • This lets you copy text without a mouse

  • ⌘⇧C to enter copy mode

  • Move around with h/j/k/l

  • V to copy by line, C-v to copy rectangles

Instant Replay

  • Go back in time to see old output, even if it was cleared

  • Start Instant Replay with ⌘⌥B

Change Tab Height

  • iTerm's minimal theme is great, but the tab bar takes up far too much vertical space:

  • This is especially an issue when using the [Retina scaling on a 4k display](/learning/wiki/os/macos/display-scaling), where the effective screen resolution is only 1920x1080. Happily, iTerm has an Advanced setting to modify this, in `Preferences → Advanced`:

  • Using a tab height of 30 makes the minimal theme much nicer, imo.